.au Domains are now available to register

More than 2 years in the making, the top level .au domain has finally been launched, allowing businesses to ditch the .com…

What is .au?

To date, all Australian based domains required a prefix to the dot au name, so traditional business was .com.au, .net.au and .org.au, plus many more.

Now, businesses with valid ABN and close associations with the domain, can just register the top level .au domain. So instead of our domain being mywebteam.com.au, we now also support mywebteam.au!

Why have .au?

Much like other domain ownership, especially if you have a .com.au counterpart already, is brand maintenance. Registering the .au domain for your business allows you to ensure it’s not taken by someone else, so it’s an important part of maintaining your business name and trust, just as you would with a trademark.

Savvy online players can also use the new .au to create shorter domains to their existing businesses – which can help with social and other character limiting channels.

Register your .au today!

We are now accepting and registering .au domains through our provider TPP Wholesale, so get in on the new domain and secure your name sooner rather than later.

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