BigCommerce Launches Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce has launched its long awaited Enterprise feature, Multi-Storefront. Now, Enterprise businesses can run multiple storefront instances of BigCommerce using the same backend product catalogue with centralised order management! This is a huge feature for global businesses operating in different regions, as well as business handling multiple brands and multiple customer segments.

What is Multi-Storefront?

BigCommerce multi-storefront allows Enterprise customers to set up a single backend of BigCommerce with multiple frontends. Depending on the products or market you sell to, this could revolutionise your Marketing opportunities for your products and brands.

Previously, creating a multiple storefront experience was only feasible by using expensive ERP’s, PIM’s, or headless platforms that would rely on synchronising all the multiple BigCommerce instances and channels into a single external location.

Now with multi-storefront, BigCommerce can handle this requirement natively.

Use Cases


Do you sell your products in multiple locations? You can now have a separate frontend for that region. Selling overseas and want to create a localised experience for that market? With Multi-Storefront we can create a unique frontend site for each region you want to sell to, all while having a single backend for you to manage your orders and product catalogue.


This is a big one, are you selling multiple brands on your current site? Seeing huge uptake on a particular brand but hesitant to have everything copied and setup separate for just that brand? Multi-Storefront is your solution.

You can now spin up a completely new site for your leading brand, on its own domain and layout, without changing any of your backend workflows! Orders and products are still managed on your main site, giving you the flexibility to setup exclusive brand sites off your current site.

Multi-Segment (B2B/B2C)

If you are selling to both B2B and B2C, then you probably already know BigCommerce handles this within the same site, but it comes at some limitations in the frontend storefront, customers need to come into the same frontend and login as B2B customers, so it can get tricky to market to both audiences effectively.

With multiple storefronts, now you can have a B2B site and B2C site into 2 different frontends, allowing you to market effectively to your audience, by both brand, and design, as well as its domain name!

It also allows brand managers to spin up their own dedicated brand site for their brands, all while managing their entire catalogue and orders from a single backend site.

MyWebTeam are here to help

MyWebTeam are experts in BigCommerce Enterprise services as certified partners, so if you’re after either a new multi-storefront site under your existing BigCommerce site, or completely new to BigCommerce and need to offer multiple storefronts to customers, contact our team today.

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