Web Development

Web Applications specific to your business.

We love new ideas. As part of our web development offerings, we create fully customised Internet, eCommerce and Intranet applications that are built specifically for your business needs.

Want to improve your internal process handing? Integrating multiple existing platforms? MyWebTeam specialises in automation of business processes and workflow, so that your team can focus on the job they do best.

If you have a particular website function that you require, no matter how wild, MyWebTeam can provide a full project outline, scope, and delivery of your project.

Spotlight – Well Kids Program

The Well Kids Program is a custom-built chiropractic management platform built specifically for children ages 6 months to 12 years. MyWebTeam was engaged to build the platform including customer management, onboarding, billing and care management

How we do it

Development Lifecycle

Stage 1: Scoping

Project scoping is the process of working with you to determine your requirements in the system.

During this process, we define the core components of the system and best determine the platform, functions, and workflow required. This is a critical step for custom development as it defines all the elements required for the project before a line of code is written.

Stage 2: Design

Making the site your own

During this stage, designs are fleshed out and mockups are provided to give you a visual idea of how the site will look and feel based on your brand.

Wireframes are optional but important for larger custom projects where we need to properly define the layout and functionality of the site before development commences to confirm usability and functionality requirements.

Stage 3: Development

With on the scope, designs, and wireframes in hand, our developers start working actually programming the solution for you.

Constant communication and demonstrations are provided to you along the way to get your feedback on any queries both parties might have.

Stage 4: Testing & Deployment

The core development has been completed by this stage, we now work through the processes to ensure the scope requirements are completed.

This often includes getting the clients feedback and final approval on the project and covers off any training required.

When all parties are ready and everything checks out on the site, we launch your new site.

Stage 5: Improvements

Custom development often needs to be refined and improved upon as well as constant updates to maintain both security and market changes.

Make sure you have a budget to ensure that your platform can be maintained and added, as market or business processes change.

Ongoing maintenance can be ad-hoc or via maintenance packages, the choice is yours!

Ready to get started?

Contact us and we will work with you to bring your idea to the marketplace.

MyWebTeam offers a range of web development solutions to customers across Australia.

Specialising in eCommerce solutions, we offer expert advice and development services on both existing platforms and full stack custom development solutions.



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