Online Marketing, the missing link

Posted by: Shane on Thursday 13th December 2012

So frequently we have clients come to us with a great service or solution that will deliver something unique to the market place. Unfortunately though, often budgets on these ideas are tight, so the marketing budget is just not there to get started. 

No matter how amazing the application or platform is, unless you advertise your service, nobody will know about it.

Fortunately, online marketing offers some of the best return on investment you can get, with real accountability previously unseen in traditional advertising methods. Using the powerful combination of google adwords and google analytics, just as an example, you can track hits to your website from paid ads, all the way through to conversion/purchase by the visitor. This gives you the ability to not just advertise your services to prospective buyers at a low cost of entry, but also measure what targetted advertising works and what doesnt, allowing you to really put your marketing spend to work!

This of course all requires a marketing budget. No matter how small, I encourage everyone with a new website to put aside a small amount to at least start working on some targetted advertising to get some traction on the business, once sales come in you can dedicate more advertising budget.

Have you got a strategy that worked for your business or website? Leave a comment or drop us a line.


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