Now accepting payments with Selectpay

MyWebTeam have partnered with SelectPay to provide our customers a new payment option for any new projects or existing accounts. Selectpay allows customers to pay their account in instalments, with a straight forward and simple process to manage your cash flow easier.

What is SelectPay?

Selectpay is a new way to pay – a way that allows you to access our services today, and pay over instalments to manage your cash flow, so your business can continue to thrive.

How does it work?

Selectpay your next invoice and pay the balance over 4 instalments, freeing up your cashflow today, so you can grow your business tomorrow. It’s as easy as 4 steps…

Step 1
Selectpay Step 1
MyWebTeam Invoice you as normal
Step 2
Selectpay Step 2
You set up an account with Selectpay and link your account for direct debit
Step 3
Selectpay Step 3
We will receive payment of the invoice issued pending approval
Step 4
Selectpay Step 4
You pay over 4 instalments, with a fee from just 1% per instalment*

* Fee per instalment is calculated at percentage of the total invoice amount.

Getting Started

If you have an existing account you would like to pay using SelectPay, contact our accounts team for assistance.

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