Advanced search with Algolia

MyWebTeam has partnered with Algolia to deliver both eCommerce and custom applications with the power of Algolia search.

Algolia search provides a search experience like no other, by providing a fast back-end indexing service that can index just about anything from web pages, documents and video.

Linking this to Algolia’s fast front-end solution to provide millisecond search results as well as quick search, auto-complete and facet search capabilities when coupled with your eCommerce platform.

What is Algolia?

Think of Algolia as the google of private search. Where google is the industry standard in finding information online, Algolia is the standard in finding information in your own data.

You can add web pages, products, documents, video and other media to the Algolia index and create ultra fast search results to your information that can be made available to users, visitors or whoever your audience is.

Use Cases

Advanced Site Search

If you have a custom application, or CMS platform with documents outside the environment, your users can benefit from Algolia search as most CMS and applications only handle indexing and searching data within their own platform.

By using Algolia as a 3rd party search you can add any external document or resource to your site search, providing a seamless experience for your users regardless of where your data is located.

eCommerce (BigCommerce coming soon!)

Algolia allows eCommerce merchants to provide search capabilities usually limited to enterprise stores with full product search, recommendation engine and facet capabilities made available via Algolia.

Merchandising is such a critical function for merchants online and Algolia is a great tool to leverage your products and data to help you sell more.

Custom Development

Customers using our custom development services to build a custom application will benefit from Algolia as it allows us to easily and rapidly add powerful search capabilities to your application.

Minimal code, infrastructure and resources are required to setup an link our Laravel based custom applications to Algolia.

MyWebTeam are here to help

MyWebTeam are Algolia partners and can assist new and existing customers by taking your website search capabilities to the next level by implementing Algolia search into your site.

So if your after utilising Algolia for your existing site, or wanting to include Algolia in your next project, contact our team today and we help take your search to the next level.

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