Increasing customer confidence and SEO with reviews

Posted by: Shane on Thursday 20th March 2014

Most ecommerce platforms offer reviews, the ability for customers and non-customers to provide their thoughts - both positive and negative, on your products.

Customer reviews is now more vital than ever in promoting consumer confidence in your store and products, with the range of sites and services now available online customer reviews can be the difference between gaining a customer and loosing one. Todays internet savvy shopper will often ONLY buy based on a customers review, so you dont want to loose that sale because your not engaging with your customers.

To help stramline this process and increase your reviews, MyWebTeam have partnered with Yotpo to provide a great platform to further enhance your review strategy by automatically engaging customers who have purchased products via email, asking for their reviews. This gives your products more credibility by getting real reviews from real customers.  Customers giving reviews can also automatically push the review to their social network via facebook and twitter, further increasing your social reach.

Further to the after sale engagement, Yotpo offers a range of widgets and functions that can further increase your customer reviews, such as centralising all your reviews on a page (like testimonals, but all automatically generated from your existing customer reviews) and top reviewed product widgets. This creates great content for your site and its all automatic! As the merchant you can approve or create rules based around reviews in the site so you have the control over what gets shown and what doesnt. You can even response to reviews and they are optionally shown right there on the site.

All in all customer reviews is becoming a critical component to your sales cycle by promoting trust and consumer confidence when buying your products, Yotpo offers a streamlined process to further build on your reviews as well as capitalise on existing reviews using a range of on-page and social tools to further promote your business.

For more information contact our team for a demo or you can signup for a free account here.

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