BigCommerce Launches B2B Edition

BigCommerce has announced the release of their Enterprise B2B Edition of BigCommerce. This edition includes tools and services that are specifically designed to help B2B businesses transition or add value to their existing online position.

What’s different to regular BigCommerce?

The B2B edition of BigCommerce provides a range of additional services to asist B2B customers grow their online presence, including:

  • Corporate Account Management
  • Invoicing Portal
  • Sales Representative Quoting
  • Payment Control

These features are not standard in any of the previous BigCommerce offerings and required extensive platform customisation to implement. Now with the B2B edition, it is all provided as part of the standard enterprise agreement.

Take a look at the demo

BigCommerce B2B Edition | BigCommerce

More Information

If you’re interested in the B2B edition, or any other BigCommerce services, please contact our sales team for assistance.

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