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I've worked with dozens of programmers and none of them care whether your retail website is viable or not. They just do their job and get out.
MyWebTeam is different. Their understanding of economic principles has contributed to the viability of every website they have developed for us. Their involvement extends beyond the programing brief and they frequently advise on better, simpler ways to achieve the same objective sooner and at less cost.

As programmers they have delivered world class e-commerce platforms, quickly and effectively. As consultants they have given us advice that has saved us money because they believed the project was not in our best interests as their client. They did this even though it resulted in less revenue for them. Frankness and integrity such as this is not common in the marketplace, but is regular at MyWebTeam.

How do I know? Because they helped our company grow from an idea to 30 people plus. In short they are the best kept secret for online retailers.

Eli Barel
Executive Operations Manager

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