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General Enquiries

You can access your hosting via our management page here. You will need your username and password, which would have been supplied to you when you first signed up with us with the subject 'Hosting Welcome Email'.
Please contact our support team on 1300 169 932 or email
It depends on the type of project, CMS sites can be a few weeks, but custom projects and complex ecommerce sites can be several months! At the initial stages of the project we will give you an estimate on the time involved and map out the stages for you.
Websites range from a thousand to several hundred thousand dollars depending on what you need to do and what elements are involved. On average though, a content management site (CMS) is between $4000 and $10000, an ecommerce store is anywhere between $5000 and $50,000 and custom development is really judged based on the works required. Contact us for more details!
If you have come across an issue with your website, either login to our support portal or email and one of our developers will take a look and contact you.