MyWebTeam Teams up with for optimised checkout

MyWebTeam is proud to partner with fast to provide customers with an optimised checkout experience.

What is Fast?

Fast is an optimised 1-click checkout that supports BigCommerce and Shopify to deliver customers a one click checkout experience. Buyers can checkout in seconds through the app, which is compatible with BigCommerce on all plans.

Why use Fast?

If your business provides products on the BigCommerce platform, you can easily connect to fast and offer your customers the fast checkout experience. Best used on mobile (though supports all devices), the optimised checkout experience reduces the steps to complete a sale, often seen as a significant barrier to improved sales.

With Fast, customers can buy what they want with one click, without wrangling with passwords or typing all their details.

How much does fast cost?

Fast handles payments within their app, so they offer competitive rates for BigCommerce customers and will often match existing standard rates with existing payment providers such as stripe.

How do I get started?

Contact our team for a trial of the Fast app in your BigCommerce store.

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